Partnership for Sustainability

Tourism development in the Arctic is uneven. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the beginning of 2020 many places in the region were struggling to attract tourists and build up viable businesses while others were experiencing a rapid and unsustainable growth in tourist arrivals.

The project Partnership for Sustainability: Arctic Tourism in Times of Change develops sustainability of Arctic tourism. The project is funded from the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Arctic Co-operation Programme 2018-2021 and consists of three sub-projects:

The project involves various actors discussing common and place-specific challenges and solutions.

The research group steering the project consists of:

    • Outi Rantala (1st year project manager, University of Lapland)
    • Dieter Müller (2nd year project manager, Umeå University)
    • Gunnar Þór Jóhannesson (3rd year project manager, University of Iceland)
    • Brynhild Granås (University of Tromsø)
    • Kaarina Tervo-Kankare (University of Oulu)
    • Jarkko Saarinen (University of Oulu)
    • Suzanne de la Barre (Vancouver Island University)
    • Pat Maher (Nipissing University, Canada)