Videos & Podcasts

The videos and podcasts available here provide insights to issues related to Overtourism and Re-starting tourism in Arctic region.

The first video is an elaborated introduction of the central topic of this year´s workshop in Arctic tourism in times of change and presents the case of Iceland addressing Overtourism and Re-starting tourism in post Covid-19 times. This video is produced by the University of Iceland as part of the international research project – Partnership for Sustainability.

The other videos and podcasts have been produced by master students participating in the field course Northern tourism in practice at the University of Lapland during the spring 2021. With these, we wish to provide insights for the workshop participants – and together with the workshop, we aim to produce information that can be used by decision makers, industry representatives, researchers, educators and students in Arctic areas when enhancing the sustainability of tourism in the Arctic.


We hope you enjoy the videos and podcasts


Student videos/podcasts